Organic Gluten-Free Tigernut Flour 500g

Organic Gluten-Free Tigernut Flour 500g

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Just mix with warm water for an instant snack!

Unlike the other flours in this section, this flour is milled by the producer in Spain as it requires special mills. The Tigernut (cyperus sculentus lativum) or 'Chufa' as it is known in Spanish, also called 'Earth Almond' in German is not actually a nut, but a small tuber. First discovered 4000 year. Tigernuts have long been recognised for their health benefits, as they are high in fibre, proteins, and natural sugars. Tigernut flour is haled as one of the top health foods. High in fibre and naturally sweet it is a wonderful ingredient and can be eaten raw or used instead of ground nuts in baking. As they are naturally sweet and high in fibre, less sugar can be used in the recipe. 

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